Aao Jee Lein Zindagi is a passionate pursuit to build a community of people and bodies who come together to encourage the country's youth to engage in cultural activities so that their way of life is not lost and they continue to realize and manifest their cultural identity, being the contribution of their reference group to the world of values, within the unique plurality of the cultural hierarchies of India.

Initiated by Sumant Batra, an eminent lawyer of global repute, AJLZ is a conglomerate of diverse creative initiatives, each complimenting or supporting the other, to engage the country's youth with art and culture, while pursuing their individual economic goals and aspirations. The projects promote the practice of documentation of social and cultural traditions, practices and other aspects for the benefit of future generations.

A not-for-profit initiative, the projects forming part of the AJLZ architecture are delivered through NHP Centre, a not-for-profit entity registered in New Delhi and are professionally managed and founded on sustainable and transparent financial and corporate governance model.

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